Whilst technology and design tastes have changed over the last two decades, I'm still fond of my early projects. Let me know if you think they have dated well!

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Paul Reddish Decorators

This busy Wellington painter was in desperate need of a new website. Individual case study pages were created, with emphases on large, high quality photos taken before, during and after the decoration process. Not just the end result. This gives Paul Reddish Decorators work a sense of attention to detail and process.

2006 Photoshop Drupal

Nature's Nurse

The Nature’s Nurse website was to be an information site for people interested in naturally sourced health products, not to mention, also making such products available for purchase online. To reduce the amount of clicks and attract repeat business, I had a one click Buy Now option on the homepage. Also a random product on the homepage gave the site a fresh look each time it was visited.

2006 Photoshop Drupal

Lime Design

Lime wanted a crisp, clean website to promote the beautiful work they do, along with showing that they can compete on a level playing field with the larger design companies in the main centers. The website is clean, crisp and uncluttered, matching Lime Design's philosophy and has numerous high quality examples of Lime Design's work. Dynamic content is used to display a random case study on the home page each time a user visits, drawing users into Lime Design's case studies; a key factor for turning prospective customers into clients.

2006 Drupal

Kingsdale Park

I worked in conjunction with Lime Design to build a web solution for this unique environmentally conscious lifestyle development. Lime Design’s unrefined hand drawn style of the illustrations, stunning location photography and colour scheme, combined with a powerful content management system, resulted in a robust website in which the client was more than pleased with.

2006 Drupal

La Bella Italia

This overall winner of the coveted Wellington Top Shop award was in desperate need of a design makeover and new and improved content management system. Screen real estate was at a premium with the previous design, so I broke the La Bella Italia site out of it's mold, with a liquid layout and more classical design, heavily influenced by my trip to Italy early in the year. With a combination of excellent photography, a fast user friendly CMS and smart subtle design, the resulting La Bella Italia website became one of the best websites I have built to date.

2006 Drupal Photoshop

Vincent Aviation

Vincent Aviation

2006 Drupal Photoshop


2005 BBEdit Photoshop

Wellington Racing Club

Trentham is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious throubread racing clubs. One of the first racing clubs in the country with a website, Trentham has always understood the power of the web. An ageing, first generation website in a frameset, was replaced with a bold, clean, css design. A highlight of this is the large skyscraper banner on the left of each page, used to convey the glamour and excitement of a day at the champagne tuff of Trentham

2004 Contribute Dreamweaver Photoshop

Dome Speakers

2003 BBEdit Photoshop

Newlands Coach Services

2002 Dreamweaver Photoshop Fireworks

NZ Trainers Association

2001 BBEdit Fireworks

Access-it Software

2000 Dreamweaver Photoshop Fireworks