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James Burgess

UI/UX designer with over 10 years experience. I enjoy creating high quality, responsive and easy to use solutions that look good.

Next Jump

Mobile UX Design Theory

The UX Design Process. Examples of mobile UX from the user perspective. Techniques to make your Apps more engaging.

2017 Keynote Presentation UX
Perks at Work Bank of America Perks at Work Bank of America Perks at Work Bank of America Perks at Work Bank of America Perks at Work Bank of America

Bank of America

Perks at Work Bank of America

Imagery from the Bank of America image library was edited and added to their landing page on Perks at Work. With familiar imagery their employees are more likely to trust and engage with the product.

2017 UI
Waitrose instore


Instore Rewards

Allowing users to register a card with Perks at Work allows customers to earn reward points when they shop instore at any Waitrose. Examples of other such card registration products were studied and elements of each were incorporated into this product.

2016 UI UX
Amazon Gift Card


Amazon Gift Card

Create a product that would allow a user to create an Gift Card with their desired amount, then have the ability to purchase your gift card instantly.

2016 UI UX
Buy A Gift Experiance Days Landing

Buy A Gift

Experience Days

Every experience and product on offer from Buy A Gift was integrated onto the Perks at Work platform. Users can search, browse and make a purchase, as if they were on the Buy A Gift website.

2015 UI UX
Best Buy Landing

Best Buy

Electronics Store

Next Jump's electronics store markets 1200+ products, from ipads to dishwashers. Developed quickly, the site was functional but not achieving its full potential in satisfying users or generating revenue. With multiple competitors in the electronics retail space, users need to feel confident and reassured they making the right decision to purchase through the site.

2015 UI UX



This product offers uses the ability to purchase Cinema e-codes that can be redeemed at any Cineworld in the UK. Users can select from the full range of Adult, Children, 2D and 3D tickets available. Along with special offers on food and drinks and Unlimited tickets.

2013 UI UX
Gift Cards

Next Jump

Gift Cards

This Perks at Work products allows users to shop for High Street Gift Cards. Some of which can be used to redeem online, as well as instore. Some are also reloadable. With the user experience of this product it was important to communicate which of these many variations the user was to purchase. To ensure there was no confusion.

2012 UI UX
MasterCard MarketPlace Landing


MarketPlace Registration Process

With the global launch of MasterCard MarketPlace in 2011, it was vital that the registration process was simple to follow. Many variations of placements were tested. Along with a simple 1-2-3 guide and upcoming offers to entice visitors to the page to register on MasterCard MarketPlace.

2011 UI
BBC Local Deals


Local Deals

BBC employees have access to many offers located close to each location around the country. A custom map view was created using the Google Map API. Helping increase the conversion rate of some of these smaller, local offers which might have gone unnoticed on a page with a standard list view.

2010 UI
BP Voluntary Benefits Health

BP logo

Voluntary Benefits Custom

Custom categories were created for BP so their employees could access their internal products. These needed to be integrated into their corporate perks platform so they could be easily found by their employees.

2010 UI
Santander Is You Benefits


Products and Services

Santander employees have access to many internal products and services. These needed to be integrated into their corporate perks platform so they could be easily found by their employees.

2009 UI
O2 Virtual Health Fair


Virtual Health Fair

This homepage placement was used to promote O2's Virtual Health Fair. It provided links to their internal health campaigns, along with offers on a variety of health-related products and services.

2009 UI
Lloyds Banking Group Colleague Offers

Lloyds Banking Group

Colleague Offers Regional Offers

Lloyds Banking Group employees have access to many local offers across the UK and Ireland. These needed to be integrated into their corporate perks platform so they could be easily found by their employees.

2009 UI
Siemens My Deals Integrated Offers Category


My Deals Integrated Offers

Bosch offer many products to Siemens employees at a discounted rate. The challenge was to integrate these offers into the My Deals product which could be easily managed by their admin team.

2009 UI
Orange Custom Site Build Homepage


Custom Site Build

Complete reskin of the corporate perks product to include Orange branding. Used css to overwrite existing styling while working with Orange branding team to ensure the site kept to their brand guidelines. End result was a seamless 100% bespoke product for Orange employees.

2008 UI
Expedia Travel Offer


Travel Category Sponsorship

Custom landing and category pages created to promote limited time offers on the corporate perks platform. Deep links drove users directly to special content and promotions. CTR grew from 8% to 22% in the days following its release.

2007 UI

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