Multi Offer Detail Page

Combine all special offers from an individual merchant to drive sales

UI/UX eCommerce Photoshop Balsamiq


Merchants offers users loyalty points or discounts on products or gift cards, and these can vary during standard and promotional periods. Deals are highlighted within each category, but a dashboard of options gives users simple, clear overview to feel confident and in control of their choices.


Creating a landing page based on user history:

  • Large Hero Graphic, Logo and Description help users know the merchant which is being referred to. Reviews helps to build trust, empowering users to make a choice rather than 'being sold to'.
  • TABs enable the user to easily browse the deals on offer, and read the terms of each offer. This helps the user to see the best value added offer, satisfying their desire for good deal and maximising revenue.
  • An input field and Buy Now button appears on each page, ready to capture sales and saving the user having to return to the merchant page to purchase.
  • A 'Top Up' button is personalised to the user's previous gift card purchases, making it simple to repeat the same purchase.


This product is due to be realised in 2016.