Best Buy Electronics store

Revitalise and drive traffic to an underperforming, high-value category

UI/UX eCommerce Photoshop Balsamiq


Next Jump's electronics store markets 1200+ products, from ipads to dishwashers. Developed quickly, the site was functional but not achieving its full potential in satisfying users or generating revenue. With multiple competitors in the electronics retail space, users need to feel confident and reassured they making the right decision to purchase through the site.


An audit and comparison with higher performing pages was undertaken before UI/UX improvements were applied across the category:

  • With a wide range of products, users need to quickly and easily find what they are interested in so Product Search was enhanced and added to each page.
  • The option to Browse by Category was added, helping users to jump to the categories which are relevant for them. The functionality to deep-dive down to sub categories helps them refine what they are looking for. The top 5 revenue driving categories (from a possible 12) are displayed, optimising real estate to market those which are most profitable.
  • A Trending Product Placement uses real-time sales data from the user's employer so that it features items which are most popular amongst their co-workers. This tailoring helps to build user trust and confidence and increases the probability of purchase.
  • Increased visibility of Value Added Propositions (eg: Free Shipping, In-store pick-up, and Price Match) on the landing page, reminding users of the benefits of choosing to shop through our site.
  • A familiar layout, Customer Reviews and up to 6 High Detail Images per product help user confidence and decision making of a large value item.


These improvements give users a one stop shop of information and resulted in a 24% increase in transactions and the Sales Conversion Rate almost doubling.